Brighton & Hove Emergency Food Network calls on Government to respond to Cost of Living crisis

Food insecurity is the highest it has ever been according to 2022 national research from the Food Foundation.

Brighton Women’s Centre is part of a coalition of 44 community organisations supporting people in poverty who rely on us for food. The Brighton & Hove Emergency Food Network have come together to call on the Government to respond to Cost of Living crisis.

“In the last three months of 2021 we saw an unprecedented 42% increase in demand for our foodbank service. So far this year the council’s Household Support Fund has been a great buffer for those who have accessed it, but with that now in its final week and energy prices set to rise even further next month, we are on the horizon of a situation where not being able to afford to eat or heat your home is becoming the norm for far too many of the women we support.”
Emma Walsh, BWC Foodbank Manager

A letter from the Emergency Food Network details a package of 12 measures that need to be seen in the upcoming budget (23rd March) to address the immediate situation for all people experiencing poverty.

Alongside these measures the Network is looking forward to seeing the Food Strategy White Paper as we believe this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the UK Government to set out a single visionary plan to transform England’s food system for our health, the economy, and the planet and embed a right to food as a national policy.

Read the full statement.

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