About Us

We work with many of the most marginalised women across Sussex, including women who are homeless or insecurely housed, women involved in the criminal justice system, survivors of abuse and discrimination, elderly women, women on low incomes, living in poverty and those struggling with long-term mental and physical health conditions.  

A large proportion of our clients live with multiple disadvantage. All of them have experienced trauma, with a very high number having experienced domestic violence either as a child or adult.  

We help women with accommodation, health and well-being, finances, childcare and early years education and social connections through casework, drop-ins, outreach, group work, one-to-one support, referrals and signposting, working with women in a trauma-informed way. 

By placing women at the heart of our services at BWC, we ensure that every woman is: 

* Heard 

* Held 

* Happier 

* Hopeful 

Find out more about our vision for the future of supporting women in Sussex in our new Strategic Business Plan.

Board of Trustees

The BWC Trustee Board consists of the Director and six Trustees. They meet regularly and are responsible for ensuring we operate legally and meet Charity Commission requirements. Trustees undertake training on specific areas of development, including fundraising, financial responsibilities and strategic planning.

Our current trustees are:

    • Melissa Drayson (Chair)
    • Elaine Bowler (Treasurer)
    • Rachel Beck
    • Mary D’Arcy
    • Amy MacConnachie
    • Devna Vickerman
    • Amber Woodward-Brown

Meet the Team

The Director of BWC is Lisa Dando, who has worked with women’s organisations in the community and voluntary sector in Brighton and Hove for over 20 years and has a background in mental health service provision.

BWC employs a small team of 26 members of full and part time staff. The core staff members are supported by a team of invaluable volunteers who are involved in every level of the organisation and in all services. Volunteers come from all sections of the community and with a commitment to support other women.

Annual reports and accounts

Copies of our current and previous annual reports are available to download below.

2022-2023 Annual Report

2021-2022 Annual Report

2020-2021 Annual Report


2019-2020 Annual Report