Women’s Counselling and Psychotherapy

Things can get better – and it starts here.


Right now, you might feel trapped or hopeless. You might feel like there’s no way out of your situation. But, for 50 years, we’ve helped women from all backgrounds, facing all kinds of issues, to live happier lives. Women dealing with bereavement or trauma, women who have been through homelessness or the criminal justice system, survivors of abuse or discrimination – we’ve welcomed them all. We welcome you too.

“Therapy has been transformative and I think maybe life changing.
I feel like I’ve grown up and maybe understand myself now."

Service user

We offer short-term therapy to all self-identifying women and are able to offer a combination of talking therapy and movement psychotherapy.

If you would like to have therapy with us, please complete a Referral Form and return it to therapy@womenscentre.org.uk

All our therapists are self-identified women and are qualified or attending postgraduate counselling and psychotherapy courses.

We offer 12 weeks of support, with fees operating on a sliding scale depending on your household income.

Though waiting times may vary, the current average waiting time for therapy to start is approximately 10 months. During this time, an exploratory assessment will be arranged with you to establish whether therapy is the right course of treatment for you at this time.

Currently we are delivering therapy via face-to-face appointments, video call (Microsoft Teams or Zoom) or over the telephone.

For more information please contact therapy@womenscentre.org.uk
Tel: 07706 321 408

Immediate support

If you require support with your mental health in the meantime, you can contact:
- Sussex Mental Health Line: 0300 5000 101 (Available 24/7)
- Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service: 0300 002 0060
- Samaritans: 116 123

Clinical placements

Find information on clinical placement opportunities at BWC