19 March 2021

We Deserve To Feel Safe

BWC stands in solidarity with the women and girls across the country who have been saddened and angered by recent events. BWC has always prioritised its work to protect and increase the safety of women, both in the home and in public places, and deplores violence against women and girls.

In the last two weeks we have learnt that 80% of all women in the UK have been sexually harassed, that 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced male violence and we have collectively mourned for Sarah Everard. What is shocking about these events is that they are nothing new. For women in the UK abuse and harassment is our daily norm.

While it is clear that it is ‘not all men’, it is all women. It is time for all men to recognise their responsibility and work with us to call out misogyny and stand against all forms of harm perpetrated against women and girls. No more will we be told that it is women who must change our behaviour. The time has come to rid our communities of this epidemic of violence by working together.

BWC is pleased to hear the news this week that the government has backed the campaign to treat #misogynyasahatecrime. We look forward to working even harder with our partners to do whatever it takes to increase women’s safety and hope Sussex Police will stand with us in supporting all actions that will designate misogyny as a hate crime and keep us safe. We implore Local Authorities to implement measures to ensure women’s safety on the streets, for example better and more street lighting, as soon as possible.

We hope that this now becomes a pivotal moment in the fight against male violence and that open dialogue can be supported to ensure women’s safety is not ignored. We know that our society can be better, safer and more equal and we will continue to work until we are there.

What can you do now?
📢 #Enoughisenough: Add your name to the open letter the Women’s Equality Party have written an open letter to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.
Sign the letter

📢 Make your voice heard: The UK Government has reopened its consultation on Violence Against Women and Girls. Complete the survey (link in Bio) and let them know how it feels for us to live our lives in fear of violence. Deadline: 26 March, 23:45.
Complete the Survey

📢 Hold them to account: Write to your councillors, your MPs and to Sussex Police and ask them what they’re doing to combat male violence. Remember to include your postcode so they know you’re a member of their constituency as this will make them more likely to respond quickly.
Write to your MPs and Councillors
Write to Sussex Police

Our Women Supporting Women support line remains open for any women affected by these incidents or in need of emotional support, advice and information.