Lisa Dando urges councils to prioritize women’s safety

Following the alleged abduction and murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard in southeast London, BWC Director Lisa Dando has spoken out regarding the case:

“The distressing news of Sarah Everard has just highlighted further an issue which was already very relevant and brought about a national outpouring of experiences which women live with on a daily basis.”

A recently released report showed that 97 per cent of women aged between 18 and 24 said they had been sexually harassed, while 80 per cent of women of all ages said they have experienced some sexual harassment in a public place.

This is a distressing situation with many women feeling unable to report such incidents with 45 percent saying they do not feel anything will be achieved in doing so.

Highlighting that a feeling of fear when walking the streets alone is common amongst most women, Lisa feels more needs to be done by local authorities.

“Street lighting is something the local authority really needs to be thinking about as one simple way for women to feel safer.”

Speaking of her own experience Lisa added “Certainly I’ve experienced feeling uncomfortable if someone is approaching me from behind.”

In response to the concerns raised, Councillor Hannah Clare stressed that the safety of the cities residents and visitors is a priority.

She said: “We will continue to look into all methods possible to make women feel safe in Brighton and Hove.